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The Banana Bike Brigade

posted Dec 20, 2010, 9:41 AM by Jeff Etter

From the whimsical to the serene, the ridiculous to the sublime, the Banana Bike Brigade's kinetic creativity defies comparison. We are a unique group of St. Louis artists dedicated to the art of the parade and the nurturing of the creative child in everyone.

Our mission is to bring a sense of joy to the eye of the beholder, change the mood of any space from the ordinary to the extraordinary, leaving a lasting change for the better, and an air of peace and playfulness to those places and people they encounter. 

(Information from the Banana Bike Brigades  Website)

 Website                 www.bananabikebrigade.org   

Krewe Motto         America’s Premier Parading Art Bike Group   

Click For                 The Banana Bike Brigade Facebook Page  

Year Founded        1994     

Located                  St. Louis, MO  / Soulard Mardi Gras

Membership          Mixed - Both Men and Women  

Email Contacts     bonitajl@sbcglobal.net